Installation Instructions for  P/N 26-500 Engine Guard System 

Tools needed:                                                                                                          Maximum Torque Specifications:

      T25 Torx driver                                                                                          6 MM screw     7 ft. lb, 10 NM

      T30 Torx driver                                                                                           8MM screw      17 ft. lb, 23 NM

      5MM Allen wrench                                                                                   10MM screw    33, 45 NM

      6MM Allen wrench, 3/8” drive

      8MM Allen wrench, 3/8” drive

      3/8” breaker bar or ratchet wrench

      Torque wrench, 50 ft. lb, or 70 NM minimum


1.           Place bike on work stand or lift, in a well lit work area.

2.           Remove lower front fairings, right and left.  Remove the two T25 Torx screws on the bottom of each side, and the two T25 Torx on the inside just behind the front wheel.  There is also a locating tab inserted into a rubber insert in the lower portion of the upper fairing.  Carefully withdraw this tab and pull the lower fairing away.  If you have the factory Auxiliary Lights, they will need to be removed, but it is not necessary to disconnect the wiring.  Support them with a zip tie until you are ready to reinstall them.

3.            Midway down either side of the engine block is a black plastic plug that protects the 10MM thread.  Remove both of these.

4.            To install the cross bar, start from the left side of the bike, and feed the end of bar marked “A” through to the right side, with mounting tabs pointing up , positioned just below the top of the cylinder head, being careful not to damage the coolant line that goes to the top rear of the radiator.  Insert the 8MM Allen screw and washer loosely  through  mounting tab on “B” end of cross bar, into the cylinder head on the left side first.  Then install the 8mm Allen screw and washer loosely through the mounting tab on the “A” end of cross bar.  The ends of the cross bar should be pointing down at an approximate 30 degree angle.  Do not tighten these screws yet.

5.            Install the right side guard bar, with end marked “A” inserted onto the end of cross bar end Marked “A”.   The lower mount bushing should line up with the 10MM thread, and the rear guard mount bracket should line up with a T30 Torx screw in the side cover.  Remove this screw, then replace through the rear guard mount bracket.   Do not tighten yet.  Insert 10MM Allen screw and washer into lower mount bushing loosely.  Do not tighten yet.  Repeat this on the left side with “B” end of left side guard bar onto “B” end of cross bar.

6.            Insert 6MM Allen screw and saddle washer through front of guard bar and into cross bar on each side, loosely.     Do not tighten these screws yet.

7.            If you have BMW Auxiliary Lights, remove the 8mm Allen screws and reinstall the Auxiliary lights, without the spacer washer that was in use prior to the installation of the Engine Guards.

8.            Now that all the screws are in place, carefully snug all screws evenly, making sure that everything is seating evenly with no binding.  When all screws are snugged, carefully tighten all screws to their proper torque settings.

9.            Insure that all of the motorcycle’s controls are operating properly and without interference.  After riding approximately 100 miles, recheck all screws for tightness.


Please watch our You Tube Installation Video:

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