Installation Instructions

 14-100 Passenger Risers for Stock Foot Pegs, K1200LT

Tools Required:

Small screwdriver, (1/8" Allen wrench, 5/32" Allen wrench supplied in Parts Kit).

Parts Kit, Included:

2 Ea. 5/16" X 2" Grooved Clevis Pin with E-Clip 1 Ea. 1/8" Allen Wrench

2 Ea. Stainless Steel Plates 1 Ea. 5/32" Allen Wrench

1 Ea. Synthetic Grease, 1cc Tube

Place motorcycle on center stand.

Remove Stock Foot Pegs:

1. With screw driver remove the E clip.

2. Wiggle foot peg up and down as you remove the clevis pin. There will be a ball and a spring. Do not lose the ball and spring, you will need them.

Install Passenger Risers:

1. Check to see that none of the four ¼-20 nylon tipped setscrews are protruding from the backside of mounting bracket.

2. Use the 5/32" Allen wrench to remove the two ¼-20 button head screws from the mounting bracket.

3. Fit mounting bracket into clevis on footrest plate and install clevis pin. Reinstall the E clip.

4. Use the 1/8" Allen wrench to tighten the four set screws (these will adjust the angle that the Sportboard fits the bike).

5. Install the riser bracket to the mounting bracket and reinstall the two ¼-20 button head screws. Apply a thin film of grease to both sides of the pivot on the foot peg where the clevis pin hole is located. Grease and reinstall the spring and the ball in the foot peg. Using the new stainless steel plate (supplied in the parts kit) place the plate over the ball. Line up the clevis pin hole in the stainless steel plate with the clevis pin hole in the foot peg. The radius on the plate needs to face up and point towards the open end of the riser.

6. Pressing the stainless steel plate against the foot peg reinstall the foot peg in the riser.

7. Install the clevis pin (install pin thru the side with the stainless steel plate first, it will be easier to line up all the parts) install the E clip. Wipe off excess grease.

8. By unscrewing the two ¼-20 button head screws you can adjust the risers up and down to find proper placement for your needs. Tighten the two ¼-20 button heads when done.

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